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Comfy spaces and lots of room to run!



I offer every dog:

  • Fenced rural acreage for exercise appropriate to the dog
  • Frequent “comfort” breaks and personal attention
  • Companionship options that fit the dog’s preferences
  • Indoor boarding options that fit the dog’s behavior
  • Quiet, stress-free environment
  • Open space and wooded trails for running and sniffing

$50 per night or $325 per week

By appointment only (reservations recommended)

Board and Train


Help your dog learn while you vacation! Or just get a break from your dog while they learn alternative behaviors.

All training is through games, clicker training, and other positive-reinforcement techniques.

Board and trains lasting at least one week in duration include a report, a follow-up training plan, and demonstrations/ instructions to help you implement the games and strategies important to your dog’s success.

This option is good for helping me to learn about a dog, to develop a more individualized training plan, and to teach foundational knowledge and skills so it will be easier to work with your dog in the future. Please note that your dog’s behavior may not be entirely corrected during the time frame you select.


$100 per night or $700 per week

Reservations Required