“Dogs start making great decisions on a regular basis; that’s when dog ownership is simply a joy and a pleasure.”

~ Absolute Dogs


Our Training Tools

  • Positive, reward-based training
  • Playing games that reward dogs for desired behaviors
  • Shaping behaviors by rewarding successive approximations
  • Preventing rehearsal of unwanted behaviors
  • Using a marker to identify desired behavior



Concept Training

What does that mean?

Like humans, dogs have many aspects to their personalities. These traits — like optimism, confidence, and many others — can be developed and shaped over time through concept training.

If we concentrate on playing games that reward the behaviors we desire, we can help to shape our dog’s personalities, thus changing the choices they are likely to make in everyday behavior.

Recall, loose leash walking, accepting novelty — we can encourage and develop all these while having fun with our dogs!

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Confidence is king.

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Value in Proximity

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